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Hotel Gautam is one of the Best Hotels in Goa, Hotel in Mahabaleshwar, Hotel in Lonavala

Hotel Gautam - is fully Vegetarian Hotel and Resort, the cuisine is a delicious mix of Gujarati, Chinese, Punjabi and Continental fare. Set besides the swimming pool, the perfect appeals to the eyes, as much as the food whets the appetite for more at

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Lonavala & Mahabaleshwar

Vegetarian Food

Hotel Gautam is a pure vegetarian hotel which also serves Jain food in Gautam Mahabaleshwar , Gautam Lonavala & Gautam Goa.

Plan Your Destination wedding

Hotel Gautam is a venue for hosting wedding & pre-wedding celebrations. The venue will surely prove to be memorable for you & your guests by hosting all the wedding festivities.

Lonavala & Mahabaleshwar
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When it comes to Mahabaleshwar, Gautam happens to be the most preferred Hotel and Resort. Located just below the highest Wilson Point , it is the perfect get away for a serene holiday.


Built like a Portuguese fortress, with white porticos, cool sit outs,and elegant stairs, a walk around the Hotel will take you to an idyllic Portuguese town, complete with quaint street lamps, manicured lawns and picturesque pathways.


At Gautam Lonavala,all of our 53 rooms are designed like mini palatial rooms with an ambience, interiors and amenities that creates a regal atmosphere.